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At the Carbon Reduction Institute, we offer you the opportunity to take action against climate change now by offsetting your personal carbon emissions!

Each time you take a flight, drive your car or turn on the light, fossil fuel is burnt and greenhouse gas emissions are released into the air, causing climate change. Offsetting your emissions means that you purchase carbon credits to compensate for the greenhouse gases from your travel, home and energy usage. That way you lower your impact on climate change.
Above you can choose to offset the emissions from your holidays, your car, house or office; and you can even use our gift packages to offset the impacts of your family or staff! Each purchase is rewarded with an electronic certificate that you can display or present as a gift to show the actions you have taken.

All our carbon credits are thoroughly assessed and properly certified to make sure that your carbon credit purchase represents the true carbon emissions reduction it claims to make.

To see what type of carbon credits you’ll purchase through our calculator, please visit

We support Clean Up Australia and their Clean Up Our Climate campaign. This campaign aims to increase climate awareness and help businesses improve their waste and recycling habits.


Act now against climate change!
Measure - Reduce - Offset